When to book a food tours in Paris ?

What are the best food tours to go on?

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The best food tour in Paris might just be the one held by Le Foodist every Thursday, found in the Latin Quarter of Paris. It is not far from the Arènes de Lutèce, a Roman amphitheatre, one of the most important remains from Lutetia, or Roman Paris. In addition it is just a few places away from the world famous Notre Dame de Paris.

As well as a tour, what do I get out of it?

Well you get some inkling of what makes French food so great through the seeking out of the finest artisan producers in the city. At the end of the tour is a delightful and satisfying picnic complete with red and white wine. An understandable end as no doubt you will be have built up a bit of an appetite at the end of the tour through the study of gastronomic flavours and textures.

Should I take the morning or evening tour?

Although the tours called "food tours" occur during the day, there is also a market tour available from Le Foodist during the night, which despite its name takes in other areas of the city. Whether you take the morning market tour or the evening one depends on if you wish to evoke the bright spirit of Paris, or the twilight feel of the city. In the morning market tour you will discover the wonders of an open air market with a diversion for coffee and croissants, in the evening you will taken to St Germain's off the Musee D'Orsee, noted for its wonderful fromage stall as well as fruit and vegetable stalls, roast meat vendors and many more besides. It is certainly an important location to discover and inspire.